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Welcome to the first ever edition of the Houlton Signal Newsletter

The site of Rugby’s newest neighbourhood, Houlton, has been synonymous with communication since 1926, when the government of the day commissioned the construction of a radio station that could talk to the world.

In the following year, the world’s first transatlantic telephone service opened, with a message broadcast to a receiving station in Houlton, Maine. The site later played a vital wartime role, disrupting enemy defences in WW2 and in maritime comms during the Cold War.

And in its latter years, it provided an accurate time signal, or ‘speaking clock’, allowing Greenwich Mean Time to be received all over the world.

Now, all eyes are on the future and The Houlton Signal will keep you up to date with all the latest news from Houlton. With a first phase of new homes, a primary school, café and community hub all underway, there will be plenty to share.

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