Dollman Farm Officially Opens!

We’re delighted to announce that after months of dedicated preparation work, Dollman Farm is officially open to the public. Dollman Farm will become a welcoming, vibrant community hub for the whole of Houlton and the wider Rugby community.

The courtyard is made up of three key aspects: The Visitor Centre, The Barn and The Tuning Fork eatery.

First and foremost, Houlton’s stylish new Visitor Centre is the place to go to find out about the exciting future of the development. Across the way you’ll find Dollman Farm’s old barn which has been given a brand new lease of life. The Barn is now a swish, welcoming space, ideal for Houlton’s community events and gatherings.

The courtyard is completed by the arrival of a stylish new eatery, The Tuning Fork. Run by Rugby locals Elaine and James Enticott, you should definitely have it on your ‘places to go’ list. Fine food, a friendly location… perfect for getting together with friends.

Dollman Farm is one of the properties that pre-dated the building of the old Rugby Radio Station. A working farm of 267 acres, it was owned by TW Cockerill and was purchasedin the early 1920s when Rugby became the Wireless Telegraphy Commission’s final choice as the site for the construction of the new Government Imperial Wireless Station.

As you can see, as well as promising an exciting future there’s plenty of history at Houlton. So come along and explore this new community space.

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