POWER YOGA - Starting at The Barn at Houlton on the 31st August

Join Emma every Thursday evening from 7pm-8:15pm with this warm yoga flow, designed to find your inner strength and harness your own personal power, for both on and off of the mat. Each week Emma will provide a different theme, from targeting specific areas of the body and mind to open throughout the practise. 

 Previous experience with yoga is helpful but not all together essential, this is an open level class, but please note that this is a slightly quicker and warmer flow designed to delve a little deeper into the physical practise, so a general level of fitness will be beneficial.

For any more information regarding this class, and for booking, please contact Emma via her Facebook page Emma Barfield Yoga, or by email at emmabarfield@hotmail.co.uk. For more information on Emma you can view her website at www.emmabarfield.com


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