Living in Houlton


This piece of stunning landscape was made famous in 1927 when its familiar radio masts transmitted the country’s first ever phone conversation across the globe. This call was made to America, and was received in a town in Maine, called Houlton.

Explore over 500 acres of natural, unspoiled Warwickshire countryside


The cows, sheep and rabbits offer great company and it's lovely when you see our resident owls and curlews. You may bump into the folk from nearby Hillmorton and Clifton-upon-Dunsmore whilst in the café or walking the dog. At Houlton, we are blending all of the things that make living in the East of Rugby great - the village amenities of Hillmorton and the community spirit of Clifton.


Run, cycle or stroll through the open space, common areas, fields and footpaths crisscrossing the land. Pick fruit or wildflowers on route.

If you’re young at heart then swing, slide, climb or ride. Or just take in the fresh air.

And creating a perfect picture of health – Houlton will also feature its own 8 GP health centre.



You’ll never be more than a mile to the school gate at Houlton, whether your little one is 4 or 14. The specially designed civic space around our schools means that even the school gate has been crafted with you in mind. 

From day one there will be an array of walkways and cycleways designed into the First Phase which makes getting to school on foot or bicycle very easy. If you are in the car, then we've also designed the school to make the drop off and pick up easy.


Rugby is famous for its schooling and we are looking to emulate this high performing reputation in the brand new schools at Houlton. 

Our first primary school will open in 2018 and will be run through an Academy Trust and co-sponsored by the Diocese of Coventry and developer Urban&Civic. St Gabriel’s CofE Academy has been selected as the name for the school, after the Patron Saint of Communication and reflective of Houlton’s fascinating history. 

This school is part of a wider masterplan which will see three new primary schools and a secondary school built at Houlton.


This is one of the most well-connected places in the country, and from Rugby you can reach 80% of the country within 4 hours. So whether it’s visiting family, weekends away or the daily commute – you couldn’t be in a better place. 



From day one of living in Houlton you can enjoy the benefits of community life at Dollman Farm. You’ll find our Visitor Centre in the beautifully renovated farm house, next door to The Barn community centre and delicious Tuning Fork café. 

The Dollman Farm courtyard is now open and The Tuning Fork is a busy hive of community life, serving breakfasts, lunches and delicious coffee and cakes. The Barn is coming to life with yoga, pilates, sewing and singing groups all signed-up and The Visitor Centre offering the vision for the future of Houlton.


With 17 types of trees, natural play and a recreational pond, Dollman Common is the perfect place to relax or play. Its wispy willows, beech and oak trees are nestled amongst native Warwickshire trees including the ‘Wild Wood’ and ‘Wykin Pippin’ and they offer an attractive and familiar presence on arrival into Houlton.



Our specially designed Visitor Centre is aimed at bringing the Houlton vision alive. Understand the bigger picture and how Houlton will evolve into a community with many opportunities. You can see what has already been created and what there is to look forward to.


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